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Sensory Deprivation

BDSM Sensation Play

Do you think Kink is interesting? Do you feel boring with traditional “vanilla sex” ? and do you want to try BDSM sex but not be sure where to start? Then Sensory Play will be a good start for opening the BDSM kink world. We will introduce to you what is sensation play and some good sensation ideas on this page. Let's start exploring now!

💡 What is Sensation Play?

In BDSM, The meaning of sensation play is to use the power of the senses to heighten sexual pleasure -- even painful things. It refers to activities meant to impart physical sensations upon a partner, as opposed to mental forms of erotic play such as power exchange or sexual roleplaying.

Actually, All physical touch can cause some feeling, in BDSM it is usually called "Light BDSM" or "Sensual Kink". You can use ice cubes, cold water or frozen grapes, warm towels, heating pads, or even your hand for teasing your partner. Also if your budget is enough, buy some sex toys like massage wax also a good choice.

💡 Sensation Play Tools

Red low-temperature candle:

Using coconut oil and candles will melt at low temperatures, so even body temperature will cause some melting. Apply it to your partner's body and rub it on their skin for a relaxing massage.

Nipple clamps:

Nipple play, in addition to pulling, gnawing, biting, etc., also has nipple clips that nipple clamp and apply pressure to the nipples. They can also be pulled and manipulated to play with different levels of pressure and sensation types.

Slapper/Spanking paddle/Flogger/ridding crop:

Repeated slapping of the buttocks or thighs with the hand or with a tool is another way to engage in sensory play. The thrill of giving you a balance between pain and pleasure. To be on the safe side, it is best to use toys designated for impact play. Click here to know the difference between Slapper,Spanking paddle,Flogge, ridding crop.


Blindfolding is a deprivation of the visual sense, which can produce a strong sense of anticipation. You don't know what's going to happen next, which intensifies the feelings of the other senses and amplifies the excitement.
Wartenberg pinwheels: Pinwheels can be used all over the body. You can use it to apply different levels of pressure, from a gentle (almost itch-like feeling) to a deeper, more painful way. The spikes are sharp enough, but not sharp enough to break the skin unless pressed hard.

💡 A Beginner's Sensation Play Ideas for Man

Most women can be very sexy. When you create an atmosphere of comfort and emotional safety, your partner will become addicted to you. A very easy-to-try feeling game idea.

Step 1: Dress up.

Bring her some underwear, and high heels, ask her to change in front of you and help her get dressed. Set the environment to trigger other senses, such as lighting an aromatherapy-based candle.

Step 2: Affectionate gaze.

When she's ready, tell her to stand still and don't move. Stay with her, look there, but don't touch her. You don't need sex yet, because you first have to create expectations.

Step 3: Touch her.

Stand beside her and place a hand behind her neck as the tension builds. Watch your partner's reaction as you gently stroke it with a feather, finger, or your favorite BDSM pinwheel.

Step 4: Say something dirty.

Whisper in their ear what you're going to do to them. "I like you, you look beautiful to me, I will take you like this now." If you can feel your partner's body limping in your hands, they want you to guide her.

💡 BDSM Sensation Play Ideas for Couples

Combining sensory play with bondage

Blindfolded and blindfolded fit, the whole sense of feeling play makes more sense to the pervert, heightening the tension,
On the dominant side, pleasure comes from absolute dominance over the partner. Deprived of his freedom of movement, the submissive's senses are only further enhanced, making the experience more erotic.

Mix sensations with climactic edge play

By raising the sexual energy to the point of almost orgasm, and then suppressing it, again and again, the tension and energy increase to the point of a fever. Distract you or her when you reach the edge, move to different sensations, create a roller coaster of peaks and valleys, and play high-end edge play.

Play with rose massage wax

The scent is unique, the heat is adjustable, and the texture is soft; the candle has strong sensory power. Hot wax on the body that is gently arched on contact is a practice widely associated with BDSM. Still, like many events in the field, these principles can be tweaked to make it a sweet moment to feel the game.

Sensation Play VS Sensory Deprivation Play

In kink culture, sensory deprivation is eliminating some forms of sensory information to heighten others. Forms including sight,sound,touch,taste,smell. But sensation play can include impact (spanking or striking with an implement), pressure, pain, temperature, restraint, scent, sight, sound taste.
This means that Sensory Deprivation is actually a form of Sensation play. There is a relationship of inclusion and inclusion between them.

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