Bluetooth Chastity Key Holder 📣4 Unlock Modes
📣+10000 Worldwide Online Mistress
📣Smart Key Holder for Chastity Play
📣Compatible With Most Cage Keys
📣USB Charging Cable Included
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App-controlled LIL' Devil Shock Collar 📣 Estim &Vibration
📣 Wireless Connection 
📣 Remote Control 
📣 Third Gear Adjustment
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Estim & Vibration APP Control Anal Plug 📣 Offline Timer Vibration Electric Shock
📣 IPX6 Waterproof Rating
📣 5 Vibration Frequencies and Multiple Shock
📣QIUI APP Remote Control
📣Offline Timing Function and Customization
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QIUI Music Rhythm Beat Pat 📢 Play Spanking Rhythm Master with Music
📢 Pressure sensor module to release shock
📢 E-Shock intensity adjustable by QIUI APP
📢 APP real-time recording the best times and quantities
📢 Slap data can be shared with the community 
📢 Type-C USB interface compatible with most chargers
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What Customer Say
"This is my first chastity cage and it really surprised me. I must say I am very excited about this. This has definitely been worn for days without any issues and the design is easy to clean up hygienically. Overall, this is a great rooster cage, you won't regret it."
"I'm just starting to observe (days) and am very comfortable guaranteeing to find multiple uses in the shade. I've been able to wear it for over a day over time, but it does require frequent cleaning! This does carry some weight, so if you plan to wear it, I recommend wearing tight/supportive underwear. "
"Bought this on a whim. She wants me to try it, boy, it's amazing! I would say I am a medium size and the medium size fits me well. Very smooth silicone. It feels like a very good material, smooth and no protrusions, so it protects my penis well."