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BDSM Scene Ideas Guide

Welcome to the world of BDSM/KINK, You might already know something about it from the movie 《Fifty Shades of Grey》, this type of sex scene that has become popular among couples around the world in recent years, and maybe you are preparing to start planning your first BDSM scene ideas or "N" time if you are not completely sure where to start, this blog will guide you and provide some BDSM scene ideas for you.

BDSM sex players have many scenes ideas to play. Below we divide all the scenes into five types. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player, or a senior fan, you can find some ideas that are suitable for you. First, please check the table below, it will show a clear process for you to know it better:

Table-- Different Types of BDSM Scene Ideas
Softcore Play Bondage Play Sensory Play Humiliation Play Abuse Play
·Handcuff play
·Shackles play
·Rope play
·Impact play
·Wax play
·Nipple play
·Pet play
·Anal plug
·Gag ball
·Rape Play
·Molester play
·Gang bang

Next, we will introduce you to the characteristics of each BDSM scene idea in detail, how each play can be performed and what kind of BDSM sex tools can be used.

📌 Softcore Play

By adding a little BDSM element to normal love and sex, It is also the easiest and most common way for BDSM scenes. Softcore can arouse and enjoy sadomasochistic/dominant or masochistic/dominated feelings and bring a different kind of pleasure than Vanilla sex.

Softcore is mainly based on observing the other party's reaction, but also includes various feeling elements in other BDSM play, such as shame, humiliation, domination, etc. Suitable for teaching BDSM play to BDSM beginners, or for more experienced Top as a training and leading bottom.

📌Bondage Play

In the bondage play, the opponent gives pleasure and pain when they cannot resist, and most of them will be used together with other plays. When restrained, the body cannot move at all, so the feeling of being dominated and abused will increase. People often play bondage scenes in combination with other BDSM plays.

Even just being handcuffed, you can already feel dominated, and being properly restrained can give you "the pleasure of being oppressed," just as the body feels comfortable and pleasurable when hugged.

· Handcuff play
· Shackles play
· Shibari rope play
· Pegging
· Collaring

📌Painful/Sensory Play

A painful play scene is a way of giving M's body stimulation or pain through whips, low-temperature candles, etc. Many people think that pain play is simply to give M pain, but in fact, this kind of play mixes pain and pleasure. Because all pain sensations cause the central nervous system to release endorphins—proteins that relieve pain, their mechanism is similar to that of narcotics such as morphine, which can produce pleasurable feelings.

So to be precise, restraint play combines pleasure and pain and makes the brain confuse pleasure and pain to bring about stronger pleasure. (Tips: Painful play involves a lot of risks, please pay attention to safety.)

· Impact play/flogger
· Wax play
· Nipple clamps play
· E-Stim

📌Humiliation Play

This play scene has nothing to do with physical pain, but focuses on the psychological level of abuse. If humans are shy, they will show agitation and release adrenaline. If you feel embarrassed, your face will turn red, your heart rate will increase, and your blood pressure will rise with it. This is a very similar mechanism to sexual arousal that confuses the brain with sexual arousal. That's why some people get excited about the act of shame.

Shame play is one of the ways that Top uses the above psychological mechanism to make Bottom feel happy, so pay attention to the psychological state of the other party, but if you keep repeating the same humiliation method, your body will naturally get used to it and no longer feel excited.

· Pet play
· Remote control
· Anal plug
· Gag ball

📌Abuse Play

A play scene that excites and delights while being forced to humiliate and get dirty. Knowing M's masochistic desire for humiliation and with M's consent, he gets pleasure by humiliating him. This is a game that is not only loved by S and can satisfy S's desire for domination, but also a play favored by cuckolds.

· Rape Play
· Molester play
· Gang bang


How to have safe BDSM sex?

The most important thing is to agree with safety words or signs in advance, this is the way to express discomfort when a person is uncomfortable, such as using "green" to express that everything is going well, and "red" to convey that you have reached the limit, your The partner should stop. Safety cues do not have to be words, but can also be physical signals or actions. For example, when one party's mouth is full of gag balls, they can choose to tap the other party to express discomfort or want to stop.

How can a beginner buy the right BDSM device?

You can start with a scarf you already have or a sex toy vibrator you already own. Before investing in sexual gear, take some time to explore your likes and dislikes of BDSM items and figure out what you and your partner like. Next, you can buy BDSM toys that suit your preferences on sites like LOCKINK, KINDSTORE and more. sex products.

How many people practice BDSM?

According to research, nearly 47% of women and 60% of men have fantasized about being sexually dominant over someone, and the idea of being dominated causes slightly more women and slightly less men. The same study also found that nearly 47 percent of adults would be willing to engage in at least one non-traditional type of sexual activity, and 33.9 percent said they had done so at least once in the past.

Is BDSM considered a disorder?

Suggested Check out The American Psychiatric Association released its latest Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in 2013, a big step forward in eliminating kinks. For the first time ever, the guideline clearly distinguishes between adults who volunteer and are forced to participate in BDSM.

Is BDSM legal?

The legality behind BDSM is ambiguous and needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Within the confines of your own home, this is a voluntary and voluntary act, but there is no legal consent for you to be tortured or beaten or injured as a result. So if the police raid a BDSM event, they can ticket the participants even with mutual consent.