About Us

LOCKINK is a design-led BDSM toys brand in China that creates original, novel, practical, and interesting products. Our mission is to reshape adult toys and explore intimacy. All LOCKINK products come in series of diversity, flexibility, and enjoyment. With unlimited possibilities of products, we are helping people explore their desire and curiosity in the intimate world.

Brand Concept

How to apply “Less is More” in BDSM toys? Our LOCKINK designers have been thinking about this question since the project started. How to simplify the design while making the toys more interesting so that users can focus more on the interaction in the intimate relationship? We finally found inspiration from ratchet belt and LEGO brick. Ratchet belt is easily adjusted to loosen or tighten without any punching hole. LEGO bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, offering unlimited building possibilities.

Inspired by the both, we reinvented the existing BDSM toys, disassembled the toys into parts, and allow users to complete the toys by themselves. By unleashing more possibilities, our consumers can always customize their own BDSM toys and enjoy exploring intimacy.

Our Team & Exhibitation

Our team is composed of a group of energetic young people, we are open, funnywe yearn for freedom, we also actively participate in adult exhibitions,show our products to the world, and hope to bring the happiness of BDSM to everyone who is eager to explore more sexual beauty 's friends

Creative Bondage Set

To help adventurers break out of boring relationships, enjoy deeper emotional interactions, experience the joy of training and the excitement of being "bullied"! LOCKINK has designed our very own high end bondage accessories to cater to even the most discerning ladies and gentlemen looking to add class to their bondage lifestyle.